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Whether you are starting a business and seeking legal advice, looking for legal assistance with commercial litigation, or planning to buy or sell a business. We know UK business laws through and through and have sound experience across different industries, give us a call.

Rivington Solicitors

Our areas of expertise

Business structures

If you are establishing a new business enterprise we can help you make sure that you are setting the business up soundly. Or perhaps you’re looking to restructure your business, we can help with partnership dissolutions and corporate restructures.

Commercial disputes and litigations

We offer dispute resolution services and business litigation covering a wide range of problems including breach of contract, building and property disputes, debt recovery, copyright infringement, partnership disputes and corporations law.


If you’re looking to buy into a franchise we can help you go through the franchise agreement and disclosure documents to make sure that you are aware of all of the issues that could make or break your new business.

Property and leasing

We can assist with retail leasing and commercial leasing for both landlords and tenants. We can also assist with the sale or purchase of commercial property.

Workplace and employment

We can draw up or review employment contracts and workplace agreements as well as assist with disputes and unfair dismissals. We can also assist with occupational health and safety issues.

Taxation and finance

We can draft and review mortgages, guarantees, charges and other securities documentation as well as advise in regard to specific taxes.

Bankruptcy and insolvency

We can assist with the whole process of recovering money owed to you from an initial Letter of Demand through to court actions.

Employment law

Employment Law governs the relationship between employers, employees and trade unions. We can help you with your case.

Business contracts

Our commercial lawyers can prepare or review all types of legal contracts. We’ll make sure that the contract terms and conditions are suitable for your business now and into the future, ensuring that due diligence standards are met.

Corporations law

We can assist with shareholders agreements, advice on corporate governance, documenting company administrations.

Copyright, trademarks and patents

We can help you manage and enforce your intellectual property rights, including litigation where needed. We can also help you with registering designs, patents and trademarks.

Commercial law and small business legal advice

We offer small business legal help in a wide range of matters including trade practices law and consumer law.

Business succession and asset protection

We work with your business and family to devise a plan that keeps your hard won assets safe through unit, discretionary and family trusts, Wills and/or Powers of Attorney.

China desk

Chinese companies often look to the UK for a reliable market to maximise investments and profits, we can help with market entry, positioning, safeguarding and compliance.

Debt recovery

We are happy to act for clients in relation to debt recovery and can offer a range of fixed fees.

Intellectual property law

Intellectual Property Law covers the legal rights and protection of products such as inventions, creative work or design of products. If you have created something in your mind, it counts as an intangible asset and it’s equally important to protect these, as well as physical property or assets.

Example cases


Business disputes

You may be facing a dispute with a contractor, supplier, client or even a current or previous employee.  It can be frustrating when your expectations aren’t met and it may escalate quickly when you can’t reach a common ground.

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Business start-ups

Whilst you are setting up your business there are many important decisions that need to be made ranging from finalising business plans, managing supplier costs or attempting to implement creative marketing strategies.

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Employment law

Perhaps you feel discriminated against at work, have received a complaint from an employee, or maybe you’re thinking of leaving your job due to an inappropriate manager and don’t know where to start.

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Intellectual property

Perhaps you have created a unique concept and want to patent it before someone else beats you to it, or maybe you have an existing trademarked logo and have come it has come to your attention that another business is misusing your design.

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Business immigration

Whether you require a business visa, you are hiring an employee from overseas or you need advice about complying with UKVI regulations, there can be serious consequences where the current legislation is not followed.

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China desk

You may be an entrepreneur based in China, looking for investment opportunities in the UK or you may be a UK based business and would like to step forward into the Chinese market.

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Commercial law

You may need to prepare new contracts, amend existing agreements or learn about setting up a franchise. Rivington Solicitors has a wide range of commercial experience and knowledge to aid you in as much as possible.

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We offer practical legal solutions to individuals, small businesses and SMEs. Our business legal services can help get business startups and microbusinesses off to a good start and help nurture and sustain more established businesses and corporate enterprises.