China Desk

The UK and China have been building bridges in the business world for a number of years. Chinese companies often look to the UK for a reliable market to maximise investments and profits, whilst UK businesses look to China for international trade and a continually growing economy.

The Scenario

You may be an entrepreneur based in China, looking for investment opportunities in the UK or you may be a UK based business and would like to step forward into the Chinese market.

How we can help

At Rivington Solicitors, we provide a robust and comprehensive support framework for your business activities and investments in the UK, Europe and China. Our experienced solicitors have thorough knowledge of the UK and Chinese markets and will help you to reap the benefits of expanding into new territories.

Our legal team will provide support and guidance with:

  • Market entry & international expansion
  • Positioning in the target market
  • Investment safeguards and compliance

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