Employment Law

Employment Law governs the relationship between employers, employees and trade unions.


The Scenario

Perhaps you feel discriminated against at work, have received a complaint from an employee, or maybe you’re thinking of leaving your job due to an inappropriate manager and don’t know where to start. Employment law covers issues ranging from harassment, unfair dismissal and holding employers accountable for their actions.

How we can help

At Rivington Solicitors, our Employment Solicitors have extensive experience on handling problems in the work place and fighting for your rights. We’ll review your situation, adhere to strict timelines and represent your interests until you get what you’re entitled to.

Our legal team will provide support and guidance with:

  • Workplace Bullying and Harassment – including unwanted advances, offensive comments, inappropriate behaviour
  • Unfair or wrongful dismissal (e.g. being pregnant, working part-time, fighting to earn national minimum wage, protecting yourself from danger)
  • Constructive Dismissal – if you’re planning to leave due to employer’s behaviour
  • Discrimination at work (e.g. based on gender, race, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, religion or age
  • Settlement Agreements or Compromise Agreements
  • Transfer of Undertakings – for businesses that have been sold or merged where contracts may be protected under TUPE Legislation

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