India Desk / NRI Services

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) may live in the UK but often have family, property and bank accounts in India. It’s impractical to make frequent trips to India to sort out any legal matters, particularly as there are usually long delays and inevitable difficulties along the way.

The Scenario

You may have a family member that is disputing the ownership of your family land in the village, or you need some advice about buying a property out there.

How we can help

At Rivington Solicitors, we understand it can be unsettling to have assets in India whilst you’re based in the UK. Indian laws and regulations can be confusing, so we aim to simplify the complex processes and paperwork for you. With our expert advice, we hope to reassure you that matters are being dealt with, despite being in a different county.

Our legal team will provide support and guidance with:

  • Advice about determining Non-Domicile status
  • Setting up and managing Indian bank accounts
  • Help with offshore trusts and setting up family trusts
  • Repatriation of funds and the sale of Indian assets
  • Protecting assets and property in the event of divorce
  • Transfer of Indian assets and property to children
  • Setting up offshore companies in Mauritius and low tax regions
  • Indian wills, including drafting official documents to registering wills with relevant authorities
  • Property transfer, including sale, lease, renting, mortgaging, gifting and exchange of property in India or UK
  • Transfer of finances, assets and wealth, including intellectual property
  • Arranging visas, dealing with immigration issues, repatriation to India, Indian Permanent Account Numbers (PAN cards)

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