At RIVINGTON it is our aim to make the lives of Non-Resident Indians (NRI) that bit easier by taking care of their affairs at home and in India. For NRIs who have issues to take care of back in India, we provide guidance and assistance to help to solve these problems. All our NRI advice is completely confidential as we can assist in all sorts of problems, helping you get on with your life in the UK, with the peace of mind that your affairs in India are in good hands.

Our NRI services include:

  • Help with determining Non-Domicile status
  • Setting up and managing Indian bank accounts
  • Help with offshore trusts and setting up family trusts
  • Repatriation of funds and the sale of Indian assets
  • Protecting assets and property in the event of divorce
  • Transference of their Indian assets and property to children
  • Setting up offshore companies in Mauritius and other low tax regions

Indian wills and property transfer

Ensuring your family are looked after when you have gone is important for most NRIs. However, things can become complicated if you have assets in India, which is where our

Indian wills service can help you. We provide a complete wills service to ensure that your assets and property goes to the right people in the event of your death. We help with all aspects of Indian wills, from drafting official documents to registering wills with the relevant authorities.

At Rivington, we also specialise in the transfer of property. Whether you wish to transfer Indian property to somebody in the UK, or UK property to somebody in India, we can assist you every step of the way. This doesn’t necessarily have to be physical property or assets as we can help with the transference or all sorts of finances, assets and wealth, including intellectual property. Our Indian property transfer services can help you with the sale, lease, renting, mortgaging, gifting and exchange of all types of property in both the UK and India.

Other services

We also provide plenty of additional services for NRIs living in the UK, from arranging visas, dealing with immigration issues and helping with repatriation to India, to assisting with Indian banking, setting up offshore accounts and helping with Indian Permanent Account Numbers (PAN cards). If you are a NRI living in the UK and want assistance with your affairs, RIVINGTON provides a confidential and discreet service aimed to help you.