Employment Matter

We understand that instructing a solicitor can be daunting. Often our clients are already struggling with workplace problems and, so, worrying about legal fees to get the help they need just adds to the pressure.

Consultation Fees

With our funding options and clear prices, you are always in full control. As you will see from the information below, we are completely transparent about our charges.

Free Consultation

We are very happy to help in response to a telephone, email or web enquiry. We will take some basic information from you, including your name, your employer’s name and brief details of your employment issue. During your free enquiry, we can tell you whether you should take the next step, a Fixed Fee Consultation. However, you are under no obligation to instruct us. We are happy to provide free guidance if that is all you need.

If you need help with an employment law problem, please call us on 02033023810 use our webchat, send an email to [email protected] or use the Contact Form on this website.

Fixed Fee Consultation

At your Fixed Fee Consultation, your Employment Solicitor will discuss with you the next steps you need to take. The type of funding option available to you will depend upon what work is necessary, what stage you are at in any process, and what you want to achieve.

Depending on your circumstances, you might be offered a Fixed Fee for a specific piece of work. For example, instruct your Employment Solicitor to draft your Employment Tribunal Claim Form. Your Employment Solicitor will agree to a fixed price with you before you commit.

Also, as the name suggests, the Fixed Fee is fixed, so you will only pay the agreed price for that piece of work. Many clients like the certainty of a Fixed Fee to help them budget for legal advice and assistance.

Pay As You Go Fees

At your Fixed Fee Consultation, we will discuss with you the next steps you need to take. The type of funding option available to you will depend on what work is necessary, what stage you are at in any process; and what you want to achieve.

Depending on your circumstances, you might be offered an hourly rate, pay as you go funding. This might be for full representation up to an Employment Tribunal hearing or for specific assistance, for example, advising and assisting through a disciplinary process. Whatever you have instructed your Employment Solicitor to do, they will provide an estimate of their fees before you make any commitment.

If you decide to instruct us using this arrangement, you will only pay for the work actually done on your matter. Often, your Employment Solicitor will be able to offer a capped fee arrangement which means you know the absolute maximum you will pay. Capped fees offer greater security as you might well pay less than the cap, but you will never pay more.

No Win No Fee

We do not offer these types of funding arrangements for general employment law advice or representation outside of Employment Tribunal litigation.

Legal Aid

We are unable to offer Legal Aid as a funding option. If you believe you may be eligible for legal aid you should first visit www.gov.uk/legal-aid/overview.

Employment Tribunal – Self-funded

The cost to you of funding your Employment Tribunal claim will depend upon the options available and the complexity of your matter. We will discuss those options with you at your Fixed Fee Consultation.

It is important to note that at the Employment Tribunal, you will usually be responsible for your own costs, and it is only in very rare circumstances that your opponent will be ordered to pay your legal fees. Therefore, you should expect to be responsible for your legal fees and ensure you make informed choices when considering your funding options.

Most Employment Tribunals follow a structured process to completion and/or a final hearing. Below is a summary of the work which is likely to be required in an Employment Tribunal claim:-

  • Drafting and submission of your Employment Tribunal Claim Form;
  • Review and consideration of any defence submitted by the Respondent (your employer the claim is against) in their Employment Tribunal Response Form;
  • Completion of a statement of the compensation you are seeking (Schedule of Loss);
  • Review, consideration and disclosure to the Respondent of all relevant documentation;
  • Completion of a bundle of documents for the final hearing;
  • Drafting and submission of witness statements;
  • Review and consideration of any witness statements received from the Respondent;
  • Preparation for the final hearing of your matter (including preparation of List of Issues, Chronology and/or Cast List if required);
  • Representation at the final hearing;
  • Representation at any remedy hearing (if required); and,
  • Ongoing advice and assistance regarding settlement (if required)

Settlement Agreement Fixed Fee Service

A Settlement Agreement (previously called a Compromise Agreement) is a contract which will bind both you and your employer to its terms. Usually, in a Settlement Agreement, the employer will offer compensation to an employee in exchange for that employee leaving their job, giving up their employment rights, and agreeing not to bring any claims against their employer.

We understand that one of the main concerns clients will have about seeking legal advice regarding their Settlement Agreement is the cost. For most Settlement Agreements, the employer will contribute to the cost of legal advice. However, it is not always clear whether that contribution will be sufficient. That is why we set out below our fixed prices and fee options.

Finally, the estimates below are simply a guide. We will be able to provide a more bespoke and tailored estimate for you following your Fixed Fee Consultation.

Simple Case: Unfair and/or Wrongful Dismissal: One day final hearing at the Employment Tribunal.

First Free Enquiry £0.00
Fixed Fee Consultation £250 plus VAT
Fees to Final Hearing Up to 20 hours x £300 (£250 plus VAT) being £6,000 (£5,000 plus VAT).
Settlement Agreement Fixed Fee Service £500 plus VAT